Rise in Demand of Fish & Seafood Consumption Coupled with Augmentation of Aquaculture Industry to Drive the Global Aquafeed Market Over the Forecast Period

Aquafeed is termed as a food specifically which is prepared for aquatic animals in to support their nutritional necessities.

Rise in Demand of Fish & Seafood Consumption Coupled with Augmentation of Aquaculture Industry to Drive the Global Aquafeed Market Over the Forecast Period 1

Aquafeed is a food that is prepared for aquatic animals in order to support their nutritional needs. It is usually prepared with the specific ingredients and the additives which are nutritive in the environment, supplemented by the small amounts. The aquafeed market is derived from plant resources only, for instance corn gluten meal, soy meal, canola oil, and sunflower protein concentrate. Itis available for the huge product ranges based on increased customer attraction with the functionality of the specific requirements.

According to study, " Global Aquafeed marketSize Study, by Ingredient (Soybean, Fish Meal, Corn, Fish Oil, Additives, Others), By Additive (Vitamins, Antibiotics, Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Feed Enzymes, Other Additives) , Crustaceans, Others) – Forecast 2020 "some of the major companies that are currently working in the global aquafeed market areArcher Daniels Midland Company, Avanti Feeds Limited, Ridley Corporation Limited, BENEO GmbH (SUEDZUCKER GROUP), Purina Animal Nutrition Lakes Inc.), Nutreco NV, Norel Animal Nutrition, Nutriad, Alltech Inc., Cargill Inc., Biomar A / S (SCHOUW & Co.), Coppens International BV, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited, Biostadt India Limited, Aller Aqua A / S, DE Heus Animal Nutrition, Biomin Holding GmbH, Dibaq AS, Skretting Co., Ltd., Novus International, INVE Aquaculture Inc., Clextral S.AS, Cermaq Group ASA, Zeigler Bros., Inc.are some of the key companies associated with the aquafeed products available under different attractive advertisements add to the sense of genuineness for buying the product.

Based on ingredient, global aquafeed market is segmented into fats, veg or grains, carotenoids, additives, land animal, marine and others. The veg or grains include the rapeseed oil, corn gluten meal, canola oil and sunflower or protein conc. The carotenoids include astaxanthin and canthaxanthin. The animal animal includes poultry meal, feather meal and blood meal. Based on the type of additives market is segmented into antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins, feed acidifiers, antioxidants, feed enzymes and other additives. Based on the type market it is segmented into extruded, liquid, and dry. The dry segment is further sub-segmented into powder, pellets, and crumbles. In addition, the pellets segment is further sub-segmented into floating pellets and sinking pellets. Based on the mode of function, market is segmented into health, special nutrition,

The global aquafeed market is primarily driven by rising demand for fish and seafood consumption. Some of the other driving aspects include augmentation of aquaculture industry, growth in population and increase income and availability and flexibility in the use of alternative raw materials. Apart from the key benefits, market is affected by some of the major restraints that include cost of raw materials such as fish oil and fish meal with the key regulatory framework and interference adding to the challenges associated with food safety concerns in the environment . Moreover, some of the key opportunities associated with functional aquafeed and dependence on the aquaculture.

It is anticipated that the global aquafeed market will reach US $ 202.7 billion, by 2025. In the forecast period it is estimated that the market will remain intense with increased global seafood consumption and considerable increase in the aquaculture production.

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Global Aquafeed market Research Report

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